It's time to Escape!

The TravelScoot Escape weighs just 14.8 kg and is by far the world’s lightest and most compact electric mobility scooter. It’s the ideal scooter for everyone whose feet are not playing along but who are otherwise still in a fairly good shape. The innovative folding mechanism allows, for the first time, a 3-wheeled scooter to fold down to the dimensions of a 2-wheeler.

The most popular mobility scooter for air travel
Super Light-weight

The folded dimensions are a huge advantage, but the unrivalled light weight, at only 14.8 kg, is even more significant. Your scooter might need to be lifted several times a day, if only to clear a curb or into a vehicle. In some cases, there is no lift, so you will need to carry your scooter up a flight of stairs.

Unique Features


Arguably the best feature on the TravelScoot is the locking mechanism. If you want to take up the least amount of space possible, this is how you do it. Just remove the seat, slide the battery into the caddy, and press the locking pin to fold. With practice, you can fold the scooter in mere seconds!


Simply rotate the seat to facilitate getting on and off by releasing an easy-to-use lever clamp. You can adjust the clamp tension to suit your hand strength.  A set of simple aluminum bushings, included with every TravelScoot, helps maintain height adjustment when the clamp is released.


The compact TravelScoot backrest gives you the support you need where you need it the most. Just use the provided Allen wrench to adjust it to your preferred comfort level, whether you need support at your shoulder level, mid-spine, or lower lumbar region.


The TravelScoot controls are simple to use. You don't need to push multiple buttons to get the speed you want. Just turn the scooter on and engage the twist-grip throttle to accelerate as needed. The max speed of the Escape is 4.7 mph and the maximum of the Shopper is 3.2 mph. Whether at the car show, exploring nature trails, or touring the city, you can go the speed you need.


The TravelScoot ™ can also transport more luggage, both in terms of weight and size, than any other travel mobility scooter. Light hand luggage has room on the canvas caddy (included with every TravelScoot). Beyond that, anything that fits across the frame can be loaded and carried.

Go for a ride

You can take the TravelScoot ™ with you anywhere and at anytime. Take part in life with your family and friends.



“I’m proud to say I just surpassed 2,400 km on my TravelScoot!”

“Since purchasing my TravelScoot in July of 2015, it has been in eleven countries, flown on six different airlines, and travelled on three 3 different cruise ships. I’m proud to say I just surpassed 2,400 km on my TravelScoot!”


“As a Para Equestrian member of Team Canada, I have traveled to many places using my Travel Scoot. I put so many miles on the first, I’m on my second one! I’m more than satisfied with it. Thank you TravelScoot Canada.”